Monday, July 11, 2016

Around the world in a week with my daughter - Culinary Adventure Staycation (Day 1 - Dinner: Peruvian)

I have taken a week off from work to do a culinary staycation with my 10 year old daughter who is a bigger foodie than myself and an adventurous foodie too.
I wanted to make this experience a memorable one and squeeze in a little bit of learning too.
We will be exploring different cuisines from around the world and learning about their culture and traditions around food :)
Had an amazing day today. It is very different hanging out with a 10 year old. She had opinions and thoughts which surprised me at times. Laughed and giggled like I have not for a very long time. Looking forward to the week :)

Day 1: Dinner - Peruvian

Restaurant : Cafe Secret

Food: They give a small bowl of Cancha (kind of like unpopped Corn nuts) to begin with which is complimentary.
We had Shrimp Causa from their starters which is a layered stack of spiced and mashed potatoes with spiced shrimp and Avocado. It is a very well balanced summery plate with An yellow peppery sauce.
We had Macho from their Entree section which is a seafood medley with slightly spiced creamy sauce served with rice.
Portions were pretty good size and we did not have place for desserts.
I wish they had Cusco Sour. Apparently they have only a partial liquor license :(

Taste: It was a good meal. Very rich and modified for American Pallet. Not one of the best Peruvian I have had (the best I have had is in Florida. I will post a review on my page next week).

Ambiance: Very pretty and cute but I felt it was on the pricier side. We paid $50 for just two dishes

Have a great night all and we will continue the journey tomorrow 🙏🏽


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