Wednesday, July 13, 2016

Around the world in a week with my daughter - Culinary Adventure Staycation (Day 2 - Lunch: Persian)

I have taken a week off from work to do a culinary staycation with my 10 year old daughter who is a bigger foodie than myself and an adventurous foodie too.
I wanted to make this experience a memorable one and squeeze in a little bit of learning too.
We will be exploring different cuisines from around the world and learning about their culture and traditions around food.

Day 2: Lunch - Persian
Restaurant : Grill House Cafe
Food: One of the best Persian I have eaten.
We started with 'Doogh' their yogurt drink flavored with mint.
Ash Reshteh- very flavorful soup with beans and green leafy vegetables.
Beef and chicken combo plate- I asked to substitute rice for Tahdig (crispy rice). Came with a huge salad.
Dizi: a Lamb shank stew mixed and served table side. Served with mint, onions and bread.
Persian icecream for dessert: yummy!!!
Taste: loved everything!
Ambiance: clean and neat and smiling staff. Very friendly.
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 — at Grill House Cafe.


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