Wednesday, July 13, 2016

Around the world in a week with my daughter - Culinary Adventure Staycation (Day 2 - Dinner: Japanese-Yakitori)

I have taken a week off from work to do a culinary staycation with my 10 year old daughter who is a bigger foodie than myself and an adventurous foodie too.
I wanted to make this experience a memorable one and squeeze in a little bit of learning too.
We will be exploring different cuisines from around the world and learning about their culture and traditions around food 😊
Sorry there were too many pictures and hence had to make the video.
Day 2: Dinner- Japanese 'Yakitori'
Restaurant : Yakyudoori
Food: Love love loved it!!!
We kept on ordering the never ending yumminess.
For the Yakitori- we had Spicy Jelly fish, Chicken gizzard, Chicken heart, Chicken liver, Squid legs, Smelt fish, Beef tongue, Tsukune meatballs.
Fried items- Soft shell crab and Oysters
Taste: loved everything! This would be my recommendation for anyone trying any of the innerds for the first time. They were cooked just perfectly and tasted amazing!
Ambiance: We got seated at the prime spot right in front of the smily faces chef who served us himself right off the coal grill while we sat looking at the sizzling and mouthwatering smoky goodness.
Go early to secure this spot.


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