Thursday, July 21, 2016

Around the world in a week with my daughter - Culinary Adventure Staycation (Day 4 - Lunch: Thai)

Day 4: Lunch - Thai
Restaurant : Pattaya Thai

Disclaimer-We ordered from dinner menu so we could try different dishes. Portion sizes are huge and what we ordered would be easily served for 4-6 people. We have leftovers for weekend

To begin:
Tom Yum Soup
Drunken chicken wings

For Entree:
Raad Nah- Flat rice noodles with brown sauce
Golden Pampano fish-whole fried fish with garlic sauce (they have a choice of sauces)
Spicy Chicken fried rice

For Dessert: Fried Banana wonton with coconut ice cream

I was in seventh heaven after eating this food. Loved every dish thoroughly. Be ware of the spice levels. I can eat very spicy and 6 (out of 10) was spicy for me.

Good service and clean and nice place.

It cost us around $80 including tax and tips. Again we ordered from dinner me u and would be enough food for 4-6 people.

I have taken a week off from work to do a culinary staycation with my 10 year old daughter who is a bigger foodie than myself and an adventurous foodie too.
I wanted to make this experience a memorable one and squeeze in a little bit of learning too.
We will be exploring different cuisines from around the world and learning about their culture and traditions around food
 — at Pattaya Thai Restaurant


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