Monday, May 9, 2011

Mother's day Breakfast!! - Guest chef

This weekend was mother’s day. My 5 year old daughter and husband made it special by starting the day off by Breakfast in bed!! The breakfast was prepared by my daughter and assisted by my husband.  I was surprised how easy my husband had made it for my daughter to be able to make this.  Love you both!!
The Breakfast consisted of Omelet, Guacamole, Sourdough bread toasted, Strawberry and Coffee.
Ingredients: For the Omelet
·         Eggs – 2
·         Spinach – washed and chopped coarse– 8-10 leaves
·         Dill – washed and chopped coarse - 1 tea spoon
·         Olive oil – 1 tea spoon
·         Salt – add per taste
·         Pepper – add per taste
Beat the eggs till they froth, add all the other ingredients and keep it aside.  Heat a pan on medium heat.  Spread the oil evenly on the pan.  Add the mixture and cook each side for about 1.5 minutes.  The Omelet is ready to eat!!
Ingredients: For Guacamole
·         Avocado – 1 medium scooped and mashed
·         Lemon – 1 tea spoon
·         Onion – 1 table spoon chopped fine (was coarse in mine J)
·         Garlic – 1 pod chopped fine (was coarse in mine J)
·         Salt – add per taste
·         Chilies – add per taste (mine had a couple of really big chunks J)
·         Cilantro – 1 tea spoon chopped fine (mine was coarsely chopped)
Add all the ingredients to the mashed Avocado and the Rockamole (as my daughter says it) is ready to eat!!


  1. Thats sweet of both of them ... Congrats to the little one ..

  2. wow, what a special treat for a special day!! the breakfast looks amazing!

  3. Omg, u r blessed and lucky to enjoy these wonderful looking super filling breakfast,belated mother's day wishes Sushma..

  4. First time here..u hv a wonderful space with mouthwatering recipes n pics...
    Visit mine as time permits...
    And this looks so yummy n filling..happy mothers day

  5. Wow.. You got pampered by daughter and husband. Are you now wishing for mother's day every day :)