Thursday, July 19, 2012

Simple White Sangria

It's summer and nothing sounds better than a Sangria for a weekend brunch with some cheese and crusty bread (or spicy chicken)...Here is a simple light, fragrant white Sangria to not only satisfy your taste buds but awaken your senses....

  • Good white wine - I used a late harvest Riesling - 1 - 750 ml bottle
  • Fruits -
    • Strawberries - 5 in number- sliced thinly
    • Oranges - 1 - sliced thinly
    • Pears - 1 - sliced thinly

Pour the bottle of wine into an airtight glass container.  Add all the ingredients.  Close the lid tight of the container and let stand in the cooler for a night (about 8-10 hours) so that the fruity tastes get infused into the wine.  Pour the wine into a glass with a few slices of the fruit and enjoy!!

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